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Fluid Jet Mixing / Aeration


The Fluid Jet MI - Type is based on a Venturi Draft Tube which uses Velocity of a Source to generate Suction. It is commonly combined with a Fluid SC Submersible Pump of high RPM and High Efficiency Sizing the Fluid Jet determines the Pump's Outlet, Flow and Pressure.
A very effective manner to put concentrated areas in suspension.

The Fluid Jet AM - Type is based on the MI - Type for mixing and putting in suspension while Aerating the Volume simultaneously. The AM – Fluid Jet's Suction Inlet is connected to a Flex Hose which protrudes above the water level allowing it to suck Atmosphere O into the pumped liquid.
Efficient as Mixing and Aerating takes place simultaneously!

Fluid Lifting Device

— Propeller Submersible Mixers.
— Fluid Jet Mixers.
— Fluid Aeration Mixers.

Designed to install and remove any of above mentioned Mixers with minimum effort, Risk of Injury or Damage to Equipment.

A Certified Hand Winch is used to lift/lower Mixer to the required mixing depth. The Hand Winch is fitted with Brake-Clutch which prevents it from running away when Handle is released.
No Ratchets to change when lifting or lowering the Mixer.
An Indexing Handle which is locked in position by means of an Index Pin, enables the Main Lifting Column to turn in any direction.

All Mixers are fitted with a Slide Bracket that fits on to the Main Lifting Column by removing the Guide Pins.
The Slide Bracket of Propeller Mixer is fitted with side Stops to prevent it from hitting against the wall if Index is too close.
Propeller Mixer Slide Bracket prevent Propeller Blades to hit the Ground on maximum lowered position.


Customised Mounting Options to suit any Installation.

Materials / Composition

— Main Lifting Column Square.
— 100mm x 100mm x 4mm Thick.
— Top Bracket.
— Pole Support.
— Index Plate and Pin.
— Index Handle.
— Bottom Support.
— Winch Plate.
— Fabricated. CO² Welded in Mild Steel Hot Dipped Galvanised to SABS 763 or 304,316L SS.
— Rope Guides: Durable Nylon.
— Pole Support Buffer UPE.
— Winch Mild Steel Epoxy Coated or 304 Stainless Steel.
— Wire Rope 316-L Stainless Steel. Diameter depends on the Mixer's Weight.


— Small to Medium Water Purification Plants.
— Biological Reactors.
— Aerobic Reactors.
— An Aerobic Reactors.
— Balancing Dams.
— Large Sewer Pump Stations.

Fluid Jet Mixing, Fluid Jet Aeration, Mixer Manufacturer Fluid Jet Mixing, Fluid Jet Aeration, Mixer Manufacturer Fluid Jet Mixing, Fluid Jet Aeration, Mixer Manufacturer